Microsoft’s BPOS Hinders the Market of Google Apps

One of the leading giants of the IT sector, Microsoft is looking for another giant leap with their overwhelmingly popular Windows products. Today the world is endowed with the use of Microsoft operating system Windows XP or Vista or Windows 7 along with their online hosted services. After the “Switch” campaign launched by Apple in this decade, Microsoft lost many of its clients. But again the users are becoming interested to switch into Microsoft for enjoying greatly modified service with online orientation. For this reason Microsoft is initiating another campaign to get back the users who are using Google Apps.

Apple’s ‘Switch’ campaign

In the year of 2002, June 10, Apple computer, now known as Apple Inc launched a campaign named Apple’s “Switchers” campaign. It was initiated to highlight the people who threw away their Microsoft Window’s operating system and took Apple’s Macs. With the time being, the Google Apps started getting the market share in a very great extent and Microsoft OS is threatened by the Google Apps. But current scenario in the market shows that Google Apps users are eager to switch into Microsoft’s Business Productivity Online Suites (BPOS) to enrich their performance.

Why Choose Microsoft?

Many well known companies like Serena Software Inc. Capgimini, China Navigation and Intro Real state first used Google Apps but now they decided to migrate to Microsoft’s BPOS.

Experts were wondered by the approach of Microsoft to Serena Inc where they were not provided with any free go offer rather than they were only presented attractive licensing term. Besides these different clients expressed different reasons behind the abandoning of Google Apps and migrating to Microsoft’s (BPOS)

Serena Software Inc migrated from Google Apps to Microsoft’s BPOS not for price or attractive film, rather than the following qualities and features. They are:

1)  Class Capability of Enterprises:  Microsoft works in the way which a business needs.

2)  Cooperation: Applications are used by both by the customers and partners and this makes them easy to work.

3)  Focus: Microsoft covers the business area so it can provide the complete support to the business that they expect.

For enjoying these facilities Serena Software Inc switched into Microsoft’s BPOS last year.

User verse

Another user China Navigation of Asia which deals with Shipping Management Industry has 300 employees. At first they chose Google Apps to communicate with their customers and partners throughout the world by email hub. But in the issue of supporting and reliability they switched to Microsoft Online (BPOS). Joshua Loh, IT and System Manager of China Navigation said, “To us, email is a primary service and we viewed outage as something quite serious. Microsoft’s financially backed SLA gave us a high level of confidence in addressing our enterprise needs  We did not get that same level assurance with Google”

Microsoft windows and Online (BPOS) provides high quality service to its clients and customers. It assures to run the tasks smoothly. Thus for the Apple’s “Switcher” campaign those who chose Google Apps., For better performance now they are migrated to Microsoft Online (BPOS).Microsoft is very happy with the current market status and looking for the more elongated growth of their market.

Fernando Andreazi

Sobre Fernando Andreazi

Com experiência de 13 anos no mercado de TI, sendo 7 anos focado em serviços de nuvem, hoje ajudo clientes no entendimento e adoção das estratégias de nuvem Microsoft na REDBELT. Reconhecido pela Microsoft como Most Valuable Professional (MVP) de Office 365 e P-Seller LATAM Winner 2017, sou um líder com o compromisso de ajudar pessoas a obterem o máximo de suas experiências com as tecnologias Microsoft. Uso minhas habilidades de comunicação e criatividade na busca de soluções reais para os clientes e desenvolvimento do time interno. Conhecimentos sólidos na área de atuação ajudando os clientes em tomadas de decisão, elaboração de cenários, técnico e financeiro, sempre orientado a obter resultados para os negócios comprometido com as necessidades dos clientes.

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