Securing your data – Microsoft Office 365 (BPOS)

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Esse post sobre segurança no Office365 é muito interesante, esclarece algumas duvidas básicas sobre como funciona a segurança no Office365 e BPOS e fala um pouco sobre os diferenciais que a segurança da Microsoft proporciona.


Securing your data – Microsoft Office 365 (BPOS)


Many business are skeptical about how security is managed in a cloud environment. Some managers think it is highly risky to allow a 3rd party to store valuable business data in the cloud. Certain industries even have regulations preventing data to be stored by 3rd parties.

It is true that security is an ever increasing problem for businesses of all sizes. Yet companies like Microsoft are investing massive resources and monies into research and development for securing data. When Microsoft announced Office 365, they were able to make this step based on their top minds designing the security. In fact, a number of these engineers are industry leaders in securing data for enterprise organizations

It is clear that there can always be hiccups with services like Office 365. But it can be confidently stated that Microsoft understands security. They have many more resources and more time to invest in ensuring a secure environment than the typical small budsiness owner. and the best in the industry to assist them. So I am confident in trusting Microsoft with my data.

Most small to medium businesses (SMB’s) don’t have strict regulations and practices for securing their data. Time is a so scarce in business and often the important tasks like data security are put on the back burner for tasks that are more immediate. Because it is a preventative measure, it is easy for IT departments to concentrate on just keeping systems running and users happy, instead of data security. Data security doesn’t make a business more efficient in the short term. It’s only advantage is preventing a attack, which is rare, so it is hard to see an immediate return on investment. It is only when a business’s data is compromised that the business sees instant value in data security practices. So many SMB’s do such a poor job securing their data, their data is much safer with a 3rd party like Microsoft, who places high value on data security because their business depends on it.

BPOS Security

Office 365 (BPOS) is accessed through the highest encryption methods, which means anyone who intercepts a communication, sees only encrypted text, which they will not understand.

Intrusion Monitoring

There are a number of firms who have had a security breach without realizing it for many weeks – all due to a lack of resourcing or understanding of the problem. The Office 365 (BPOS) services are continually monitored for unusual or suspicious activity. If Microsoft detects something suspicious they will investigate and respond appropriately. If there is a significant event they will notify the client.

Security Audits

Microsoft regularly performs security audits on the Office 365 services to ensure that the latest compliance policies and antivirus patches are installed.

At the end of the day it is clear that Microsoft takes security very seriously. And they place data security in a much higher regard than many small firms. And the is because Microsoft’s business depends on it. One breach could be devastating for Microsoft – if its subscriber base loses confidence in their security policies. Why don’t small organizations take it as seriously? Because data security is not critical to making a business run smoothly in the short term, it is not a core function of most businesses and most are not experts in data security. Other priorities always seem more important and security issues are often put on the back burner.

Our stance is that the security Microsoft provides through Office 365 is a major benefit for business. It will not hurt but rather help the overall security of thousands of firms around the globe.

Fernando Andreazi

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Com experiência de 13 anos no mercado de TI, sendo 7 anos focado em serviços de nuvem, hoje ajudo clientes no entendimento e adoção das estratégias de nuvem Microsoft na REDBELT. Reconhecido pela Microsoft como Most Valuable Professional (MVP) de Office 365 e P-Seller LATAM Winner 2017, sou um líder com o compromisso de ajudar pessoas a obterem o máximo de suas experiências com as tecnologias Microsoft. Uso minhas habilidades de comunicação e criatividade na busca de soluções reais para os clientes e desenvolvimento do time interno. Conhecimentos sólidos na área de atuação ajudando os clientes em tomadas de decisão, elaboração de cenários, técnico e financeiro, sempre orientado a obter resultados para os negócios comprometido com as necessidades dos clientes.

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